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The acronym RAOWA stands for Retired Armed Forces Officers’ Welfare Association, which was established in 1982.

The RAOWA Research and Study Forum (RRSF) was formed on the instructions of the Chairman and Executive Committee of RAOWA in March 2019 with the following Objective: Research and Study National, Regional and International Security and Geopolitical Issues with a View to Suggesting Policy Options for Bangladesh.

The RRSF has a Governing Body (GB) of five members, who are all retired Armed Forces Officers. The GB lays down policies, initiates and conducts research and study on various subjects and topics. The broad fields of research and study for the time being will be: Geo-politics, Strategy, and Policy and Governance.

A few of the research papers are published in a quarterly peer-reviewed scholarly journal called the RAOWA Review. The RAOWA Review is available both in hard copies and online on this website.

The RAOWA Review has an Editorial Board and a panel of Advisors/Reviewers who edit and review all research papers submitted and decide on which papers are best suited for publication. These Editors and Reviewers are all regionally and internationally renowned scholars.

The RRSF also at times holds seminars on the outcomes of its research and study, on subjects and topics of interest and importance to Bangladesh.

Themes and Topics for Research and Seminars can be seen on the Notice Board of this website.